Cloud Migration Project

Project help to carry out migration of your company IT to Cloud-based technology


Cloud-based infrastructure is an invaluable resource that provides a robust, cost effective and flexible operating environment for a business’s key services.

For most small/medium businesses, it is now the norm to have emails and data hosted with a Cloud provider, like Microsoft 365, taking away the overheads of running, managing, supporting and maintaining a physical server, usually located in the office.

For those businesses that haven’t already taken this step, migrating your emails and data to the Cloud will greatly improve uptime, availability and ease of access – all of a sudden the challenges of access and collaborating remotely will be negated. However, undertaking a Cloud Migration project needs careful planning and thorough communications pitched at the right level and knowledge.

Being early adopters of Cloud technology, the Brash team have been migrating emails, company data and servers up to the Cloud for our clients for the past decade and more.  So, if you have an unstable IT environment, or require help, knowledge or technical skills to move your business to The Cloud, get in contact with us today and we will be delighted to help support you through the process.

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