Server and Data Backup Service to the Cloud

Secure your company data with an offsite backup to the Cloud


Company data is one of the most important assets your business possesses and so it is important to protect its integrity with regular backups. Having a data backup allows for a quick and easy restore of data if and when it is needed.

Consider also that if all your company data is saved on a server and that server is running your business-critical software as well (such as stock systems or accounting systems) then your data and business processes are at significant risk without a backup in place.

A server backup takes a copy of your server configuration and saves it to The Cloud. Should you then experience a serious outage, interruption or disaster, a virtual server can be created and accessed as an emergency solution. This will then allow you to continue running your business even while the full recovery continues to take place.

Our solution:

  • provides the ability to have a temporary virtual copy of the server available online
  • automates the regular daily backup of data
  • automates the regular daily backup of the server
  • keeps previous versions of your critical company data
  • allows remote restore from the admin portal
  • provides a copy of data in a second location to fully preserve its integrity (The Cloud)
  • provides quick/easy remote setup
  • provides support from a 24/7 team to ensure backups run each day as required

We have a range of backup solutions depending on the needs and requirements of each solution, so please let us know if you require help or further information.

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