SharePoint sites / Intranet sites

Setup a SharePoint site to easily collaborate and put all your company’s key documentation on an Intranet site for all users to access


A successful intranet doesn’t just look good, it will help people do their work. An Intranet can also often play a significant role in promoting engagement.

The SharePoint look book may help to inspire you about how your content might appear, but it is also important to understand business outcome goals to establish what content and functionality is most important for your users and your organisation.

We can help setup, create and train you and your team on your SharePoint site.  We can then, if you wish, pass the administration or setup over to one of your team. As a key user, they will then keep the site up to date. Alternatively, we can continue to support you, and for a monthly fee, we will ensure that your intranet remains up to date.

To get a flavour of what you could achieve for your SharePoint site, you can view the possibilities here.