Advanced Email Security

Keep out more spam and identify advanced email threats with Advanced Email Security


The fight against spam and malicious emails is never ending and always evolving. Advanced Email Protection helps block a greater number of emails, thus reducing the number of spam emails and reducing the amount of potentially malicious emails hitting a user’s mailbox.

Microsoft 365 is a very popular email system, and as such, is the most popular target for cyberattacks.

Advanced Email Protection offers:

  • Self-Learning AI technology that continually learns from the latest Microsoft 365 email threats and filters out phishing, ransomware, and spear phishing attacks
  • Anti-Phishing to block dynamic phishing attacks at the time of delivery
  • Anti-Malware to block hard-to-detect zero-day malware attacks
  • Anti-Spear Phishing to block targeted spear phishing & business email compromise attacks

Please note, Advanced Email Protection licenses must be applied across all mailboxes.

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