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Get your mobile devices centrally managed and supported by our helpful support team


One of the most overlooked security considerations in businesses today is the use of mobile devices in the workplace.

Do you provide staff with a dedicated phone for just work-related activity? Or do you let anyone load company email and data on to their own phone?  Whichever option you take, you need to have control over these devices.

One of the five steps recommended by the National Cyber Security Centre in their Small Business Guide to Cyber Security outlines how to keep your smartphones (and tablets) safe.  The easiest way to ensure all devices meet these requirements is to deploy a small management app that forces a configurable set of security policies. This will then provide you with peace of mind that all smartphones meet the National Cyber Security Centre’s recommendations and allows you to regain the necessary control over the devices that have your company data on them.

Contact us today and we will provide you with a short overview of what is involved in the support of a mobile device and how it helps to achieve the above security policies, as well as providing you with details about the possibility of being also able to remotely assist users by seeing the screen of the device.

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