Firewall – SME Office With Remote Workers

Larger capacity hardware firewall to help protect your office and meet GDPR requirements


A firewall is a security system that controls the incoming and outgoing network traffic between your business and the internet.

A firewall is the equivalent of the all-in-one security system used to protect your house. It’s a bit like securing the perimeter with a good fence, then adding good door locks, intruder alarm, security camera and all the other parts to home security.

However, unlike a house which has relatively few entry points, a computer network has thousands of entry points and all these need to be controlled. The firewall’s main purpose is to control all these entry points, only allowing those who should have access to get in.

Having a firewall in place can help deter potential attackers as they will spot the extra layer of complex security and most likely move onto find an unprotected network.

  • Protect against attackers spoofing your network details for spamming
  • Ability to prevent access to certain websites (e.g., Facebook) or to types of websites (e.g., all Gambling sites)
  • Control what communications can take place between the network and the Internet
  • Protect your company’s data by preventing methods for sharing it to Internet resources
  • Protect your network from ransomware and advanced malicious threats
  • Limit traffic coming in to only what is actually needed, reducing the chances of unwanted traffic attacking your systems
  • Decide which systems are allowed to communicate with your network
  • Block malicious viruses being installed on computers through emails or dangerous downloads
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