Infrastructure Pen Testing

Security penetration testing performed against all network services associated with your organisation, location or service (e.g. remote access via a VPN or web application).


Penetration testing, or pen testing as it is often referred to, involves an authorised individual adopting the role of a hacker attempting to compromise or gain access to a network or an application. It assesses the overall security of the IT infrastructure to gain a clear understanding of any high-risk vulnerabilities.

The objective of the pen test is to evaluate and assess an organisation’s security position. It will identify and analyse any vulnerabilities that present a security risk.

The pen test will consider security risks from an external and internal perspective;

External network penetration testing

  • The purpose of this type of pen testing is to review your organisation’s systems from a public position, acting as an unauthenticated external user
  • Testing determines what information and services are publicly accessible and their vulnerabilities identified
  • Testing might also cover reviewing a VPN, FTP, Email or Web service

Internal network penetration testing. 

  • An internal pen test explores risk exposed should an attacker gain physical access to your network
  • As a result it will help to identify what information and services are at risk of discovery and exploitation

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