Social Media – Entry

Our entry level package for Social Media Management will help you to start your Social Media marketing journey with regular posts based on content you create within your business.


Our approach to Social Media pricing and products is very bespoke and is dependent on the requirement of each client.  Please contact us to discuss what you are looking for.

And if you’re just starting out on your Social Media journey and are not sure what Social Media marketing is all about, call us for a discussion and we can guide you in this and which areas of expertise we can help you with.

As a guide, we can offer the following entry level package to get you started:

  • 4 Social Media posts a week, across 3 different social platforms
  • Content provided by you
  • Reporting on the impact of each post and improvement in Social accounts
  • Onboarding questionnaire

We can also create for you an initial Social Media Strategy and approach which details what to expect, what we are looking to achieve from our recommended approach and key performance measures.

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