Cloud Telephone Systems

A cloud-based phone system allows flexibility and calls can ring when working remotely or on the move.


A Cloud Telephone System is a service that allows you to make calls over the internet. The alternative option is to use a traditional analogue phone that uses copper wires or optical fibres to make a connection.

The Government have announced that from 2025 calls over analogue phone systems will no longer be allowed. Therefore, moving to a Cloud system over the Internet is the future-proof solution.

There are many Cloud systems that could be suitable for you.  Some will even work with a quick re-configuration of your existing phones. Other options available include the ability to add Mobile Phone apps or computer-based interfaces. These will allow you to pick up landline calls from anywhere.

We will help you understand your needs and through one of our recommended partners, provide you with a bespoke quote for a Cloud Telephone System.