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Device support

Providing support, monitoring and protection for every device

What is Device Support?

Simply register the number of devices (Windows desktop, Mac desktop, Windows laptops, Mac laptops, All-in-One computers) you have and require support for, and we will do the rest.   It really is as simple as that. 

We monitor each device for any potential issues or advance knowledge on failures, keep the operating systems up-to-date and with your permission, install a remote-control agent to allow us to connect to the machine for quick support. 

As well as keeping your devices safe, up to date and operating efficiently, you and your team will have access to our friendly, professional Support Team for anything that you need help with. 

Core to our service is delivery in a friendly, personable and informative way.  We speak in plain English as we know how off putting technical speak can be to most people. 

Choose a friendly, easy to work with support team who can help with anything 
  • Flexible pricing that reflects the working number of devices you run 
  • Experienced and friendly support team waiting to speak to you 
  • Proactive device monitoring with alerts 
  • Allocation of time to use with our support team, however you require 
  • Completely flexible support  
  • No long contract – all our device support contracts are rolling monthly from the start 

what else?

I’m currently paying a fixed fee for IT support, but I’m not using it 

With our model, you only pay for what you need and this is flexible. Devices can be added or removed on a month by month basis. 

Not the perfect solution? We’re flexible  

We offer completely flexible support to work with you and your requirements. Please contact us if there is anything you are unsure of or if you would like to discuss a different model.  

You can also become a client without paying for the device support and SLA benefits, and so will know we are here should one day you need something. Our super friendly team are here to help you with whatever your needs are. We don’t talk in technical speak, so we can explain and advise you in an honest and understandable way.

I need someone to help me remotely as soon as I have a problems

All supported devices include our remote support agent that, with your permission, we can remote on to your device so that we can help you quickly and easy.

Myself and my team have technical questions all the time but have no one to ask  

Along with your device support, your team will have access to our technical experts and support team so you can call or email as soon as you have a question or require help with something.

This can be anything technical that you may need help with or want to discuss.  Or you may just have questions about something you’ve heard about and want to know more. 

I have more than 5 devices I need support for

If you have 5 of more devices that you require support for you will qualify for our full IT Support agreement and Service Level commitment.