Security Controls

Protecting business against the dangers of the Cyber world

Taking appropriate security controls for a business can often be left as a second thought. Our way of working ensures clients function in the most secure way possible without creating any operational barriers. Our security measures provide instant security to both businesses and employees.

Cyber prevention works in a  similar way to protecting your home, shutting windows, locking doors, installing alarms deters would-be intruders.  Installing basic controls within your IT environment  deters attackers who move on to easier unprotected targets. 

We have a baseline list of must have tools to help protect any business against the dangers of the cyber world and recommend further controls as we get to understand your business and its challenges.

Skills & technologies

Security needn’t be expensive – it should be appropriate, provide big gains in risk reductions and be easy for staff to operate. We only pick tools that meet these criteria. With 20 years experience we know how to protect our clients against any possible cyber threat.

And to prove you have taken cyber security seriously, we can work with you to obtain the UK Government’s Cyber Essentials badge, just like we have done! 

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