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Email Support

Providing the support, monitoring and protection needed for every device that you use to carry out any part of your business

Sometimes you require support for an email system that is not the standard Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace suite – this can be a personal email address or a system that is not enterprise standard. We have experience in helping and supporting many wide and varied email systems and we can tailor a support package to your needs. 

How we work

What can I get from Email Support? 

  • Advice and expertise on all email platforms 
  • Help setting up accounts and provision of ongoing administrative help 
  • Support to add emails to mobile phones, which is often a complicated process 
  • Admin access to manage emails 

I want to introduce a new email system but where do I start? 

Often the investment in a new email system is not dissimilar to utilising Microsoft 365, so the decision to go this route we know will not have been taken without some thought and planning.   

When it comes to introducing the new system, many find that not all email systems are user friendly and enterprise ready.  They can be difficult to setup and require manual settings added which are not often easy to find.   

Using our knowledge and understanding, we can make the introduction of your new email system a smooth and pain-free experience.  We will get your email system setup for you, guiding you through the whole process from beginning to end. 

what else?

We have an existing email system but wish to move to Microsoft 365 – how do I go about doing this? 

 We can help you migrate from any email system to the more enterprise friendly, Microsoft 365 package that is packed full of features and is competitive in price.    

Moreover, we are extremely proud to be a part of the Microsoft Partner Network – a worldwide group of companies that are certified by Microsoft as providing top level expertise in Microsoft products and services.  So, you can be confident about placing your trust in us to complete your email system migration to Microsoft 365 with the highest levels of competency and care.