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IT Infrastructure

Help with any IT project, just ask.  

Our support team can help run any of your IT projects, whether you are an existing client or not.  

Over the last years we have successfully supported many of our clients to move their IT systems towards cloud-based setups, including utilising Microsoft 365 for emails.  

You may for example want support to migrate your data into the Cloud, move server functions to either new hardware, different hardware or up into cloud-based systems.  Every business is different, so whatever your need, speak to us and we will be happy to help. 

How we work

 Choose a friendly, easy to work with support team who can help with anything  

 Our IT Team will work seamlessly with your teams to:    

  • Plan and carry out migrations to Cloud  
  • Help move emails between servers or different setups and services  
  • Help move your business from expensive onsite servers to alternative options  
  • Advise and provide expertise on all manner of IT projects  
  • Plan, carry out and manage any IT Infrastructure project – no project is too small or too big  
  • Discuss and recommend efficient ways to work going forward 
I want help from somebody who cares  

As a team, we are invested in your business.  We report back to you about any reoccurring issues that we think can be changed or managed differently to benefit the business, your team or your customers.  

We always strive to save you money wherever we can, applying the same principles of cost control and consideration of return on investment in the same way as we do for our own business.   

what else?

I need support in my changing business  

Change is our fuel, if your business is consolidating, growing, moving or changing in anyway, you will need support. We can help from the initial planning stages to strategic advice, project management and support during the implementation.  

We will review your technology infrastructure and industry trends so that we can make recommendations to you at the right time as well as keep you informed about the latest developments from the ever-evolving world of IT.    

It’s time to reduce the issues and downtime of our IT  

 It’s no secret that a reliable IT system is needed to under pin every function in a business.  Or that if left unchecked and unmanaged, technical issues can become significant security risks, leading to increased costs and resulting in time delays and downtime. 

But often the reality faced by most small and medium sized businesses is that there is simply neither the spare time nor the technical skills available to implement an IT project, however critical that project is.   

That’s where Brash Solutions can help – let us support your IT infrastructure projects, allowing your team to continue to deliver the day-to-day business and giving you peace of mind that your technology change projects are being handled by our experienced team of IT professionals. 

We’d like to embrace remote working 

Whether driven by environmental, business or employee need, remote working as part of a necessity to be more agile and digitally driven is a reality for most businesses. 

The common question faced by all is how best to enable remote access to company systems and provide the infrastructure and technology to support it without compromising the stability, performance and security of existing IT structures.   

Helping you navigate these challenges, our team of IT experts will guide you through the process of becoming safely remote working enabled, including consideration of security challenges, ways of working to maximise teamwork and collaboration, use of personal devices vs company equipment, use of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), proactive monitoring and detection, data backup and disaster recovery processes.