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Mobile App Development

Developing a mobile app to benefit your business

Just like any other software application, developing a mobile app can have a significant benefit to your business. The benefits are even greater with an increase in remote working and the need for greater online engagement with customers. 

Whether it is for increasing efficiencies, compliance, workflow tracking, or strengthening customer and employee engagement, a mobile app if an effective tool for many businesses. Your customers and staff now think nothing of researching and engaging with businesses via mobile apps and in most cases is it now the preferred method of contact. 

Designing the right app to fit your purpose and considering issues such as security and ongoing development from the outset are the key to maximising your return on investment. 

How we work

Workplace apps are designed to improve internal business processes such as employee communications, monitoring or data-input.  Workplace apps are usually designed to be available to those within an organisation but sometime can include supplier or customer engagement too. 

Public apps generally look to enhance your customers experience with your business; delivering easy to find information or facilitating the buying process. 

We specialise in building mobile apps that integrate with existing workplace software to enable data to flow efficiently and effectively to those that need it. 

A mobile may not be right for all, we will be able to assess whether it would be more appropriate/cost effective and have an improved ROI compared with building a mobile website. 

what else?

Our workforce is now combining working from home, on customer sites and in the office but our we need our them to view and update important data on a mobile or tablet; how can we resolve this?

We can design a mobile app that can integrate with most existing software systems to allow data to flow to those that need it, when they need it.

We need to have workers record information from client sites such as taking photos or videos and have them available within our software system – how can we achieve this? 

Brash can design a mobile app that can integrate with the native functions of a phone such as the camera or microphone. These media files can then be stored and made available through the system.

Our compliance required a lot of paperwork to be completed by our remote workforce. 

Mobile app can allow your remote workforce to complete predesigned forms that follow a workflow guiding your staff through the process and validating data as it is entered into the form; ensure errors and mistakes are identified before leaving site or completing a job. 

Our workforce work in places where mobile or Wi-Fi signal may not be available, will the data be lost? 

Mobile apps can be built to work in offline and online mode. Data input whilst the device is offline will then synchronise automatically when the device regains data connectivity.