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Network Device Support

Providing the support and monitoring for the devices that run in the background of your office network – doing the clever things without the recognition 

Each office has a number of network devices – the router managing the Internet connection, a switch to connect up all the desktops and network points, plus Wi-Fi Access points, hubs, Firewalls and of course printers. 

 All these specialised pieces of IT equipment require expertise to keep them running and to troubleshoot and fix them when they go wrong.   We provide the tools, knowledge and support for these devices. We can tell you what you have and advise on what support is needed.  

Core to our service is delivery in a friendly, personable and informative way.  We speak in plain English as we know how off putting technical speak can be to most people. 

How we work

 Choose a friendly, easy to work with support team who can help with anything    

  • Flexible pricing that reflects the devices you actually run 
  • Network support and engineer expertise  
  • Experienced and friendly support team waiting to speak to you 
  • Proactive device monitoring with alerts 
  • Completely flexible support  
  • No long contract – all our device support contracts are rolling monthly from the start 


what else?

I’m currently paying a fixed fee for IT support, but I’m not fully using it

 With our model, you only pay for what you need supporting, and this is flexible. Devices can be added or removed as frequently as month by month

But this model doesn’t work for us 

We offer completely flexible support to work with you and your requirements. Please contact us if there is anything you are unsure of or if you would like to discuss a different model.  

You can also become a client without paying for the device support and SLA benefits, and so will know we are here should one day you need something. 

I need IT Support – who can I speak to 

Our super friendly team are here to help you with whatever your needs are. We don’t talk in technical speak, so we can explain and advise you in an honest and understandable fashion. 

Myself and my team have technical questions all the time but have no one to ask 

Along with your device support, you and your team will have access to our technical experts and support team so you can call or email as soon as you have a question or require help with something.  

 And this can be anything technical that you may need help with or want to discuss.  Or you may just have questions about something you’ve heard about and want to know more.