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Power BI Business Analytics

Unlock your data by creating analytics in Power BI

What is Power BI?

Power BI is Microsoft’s data visualisation tool.  It allows organisations to connect multiple data sources, analyse their data and visualise it using powerful graphical interface. These dashboards and reports can be viewed on any device, in any location. machinery assets.

How do I get started with Business Data Analytics?

Requiring no infrastructure investment, your Brash Solutions Power BI Business Analytics Specialist will guide you through a straightforward set up so that you will be gaining insights from your data quickly and easily.  We will:

  • Define your analytics and reporting requirements  
  • Create and commission your Power BI Tenant. Your tenant is a container of items for your organisation such as users, groups, subscriptions and domains.  
  • Identify, connect and model your data sources to your Power BI Model  
  • Build your required reports and dashboards  
  • Build automatic daily refresh processes 
  • Deploy reports to your devices  
  • Provide training to your staff to get the most from your analytics 

I don't know where to start.

How do I get an understanding of what is happening in my business now?

Power BI allows you to solve problems and identify opportunities quickly with dashboards, reports and rich visuals that update in real time. 

How do I know I can trust my management reports?  

Decision makers want to be able to relon the accuracy, timeliness and completeness of the business intelligence presented to them but typically, data is held in siloes and so doesnt naturally ‘fit together.  Power BI integrates with existing and separately held business systems to present joined-up picture that delivers reliable, completeagile and actionable insight. 

I have many separate data sources; how can I bring them together and create meaningful dashboards?  

Power BI allows you to consolidate data from multiple sources into a single data set.  It transforms siloed data into powerful charts, graphs and visuals that will support the enhanced decision making that is critical for businesses who want to be agile and competitive.

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How can I share analytics insights across my organisation?  

Simplified sharing is enabled through Power BIReports and dashboards refresh whenever the underlying data updates meaning nmore emailing large files or uploading to company drives to share content 

How can I form a culture of data-driven decision making within my business?  

Placing insight and action at the heart of a business is made possible through Power BI’s ease of use and simplicity of sharing principles.  Customisable navigation helps report users find content quickly and security driven content filters ensures that users will only see information that is relevant to them.  

Using Power BI, the reach and depth of access to meaningful and actionable information is expanded right across the organisation.  Accessibility to insight is made as equally possible whether on the move or sat at a desk and team collaboration improves through the ease of sharing of that insight. 

How can I start analysing my company data in a low-cost way?   

Needing no upfront infrastructure investment nor memory or speed optimisation to enable retrieval and analysis, introducing Power BI allows businesses to start creating informative reports and dashboards immediately.  It is as accessible to small businesses as it is to large ones. 

How can I drive business productivity and profitability with analytics? 

Lack of data is rarely an issue for today’s businesses – instead, how to make sense of these disparate sources of information and transform it into actionable insight is a constant challenge without the right tools in place. Power BI delivers powerful insight with speed and simplicity, making it accessible across the organisation in a way that all users can view personalised dashboards to identify opportunities and take action.