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Server Support

Expert 24/7 support for your server – the central device critical to the smooth running of your IT systems. 

We recognise the high importance of keeping the server in your business available as this is the central location for key business software, runs your computers and provides access to your data.  

To reflect this, we provide 24/7 reactive support, monitoring and alerting for any server to allow our trained engineers to act on and resolve problems, often before you’ve even noticed one has occurred. 

As well as keeping your devices safe, up to date and operating efficiently, you and your team will have access to our friendly, professional Support Team for anything that you need help with. 

And core to our service is delivery in a friendly, personable and informative way.  We speak in plain English as we know how off putting technical-speak can be to most people. But if you want more information, we are always happy to expand. 

How we work

 Choose a friendly, easy to work with support team who can help with anything     

  • 24/7 server support 
  • Specialised knowledge on all server functionality 
  • Support to any server, running any operating system 
  • Proactive device monitoring, problems fixed in the background, with alerts 
  • Experienced and friendly Support Team waiting to speak to you 
  • Allocation of time, however you wish to use it with our Support Team 
  • No long contract – all our device support contracts are rolling monthly from the start 

what else?

Does my server need 24/7 support?

 Yes, it is highly recommended that 24/7 support is required for all servers.   Server support is critical to the stability of your IT infrastructure.  The server controls a multitude of functions of your IT system, including logons to computers as well as important software and data.  Servers are designed to be left powered on 24/7 and so problems can occur at any time of the day or week.  

The Brash Support Team will constantly monitor your server and if an error occurs at any time, will attempt to resolve it. And in many cases, they will be able to do this before anyone even notices an issue has occurred.    

Can Server Support help with our Business Continuity Plan? 

 Yes – server stability is critical for business continuity and so strategies for handling IT disruptions to servers will be one of the key components of a disaster recovery plan.   

 We will work with you to agree an appropriate and structured approach to resume normal operations in the event of a server issue or a wider business issue that impacts on your servers, using tools such as remote access and alerts to help support this. 

I don’t understand what my server does. 

 That’s why we are here!  We understand all the complex functionality of the server environment and with our expertise we will configure, maintain and support your server for you.  

Furthermore, we understand how to provision server functions, how to manage the software and how to control access to the data and so will do this for you.    

And when we have any questions or need to speak to you to understand what you want to achieve, we will always ask our questions in plain English, avoiding server-speak at all times! 

I need IT Support – who can I speak to?

Our super friendly team are here to help you with whatever your needs are. We never talk in technical-speak, so we can explain and advise you in an honest and understandable fashion. 

I need somebody to remotely help as soon as I have a problem. 

All supported devices include our remote support agent, that, with your permission, allows us to remotely gain access on to your device so that we can help you quickly and easy. 

Myself and my team have technical questions all the time but have no one to ask. 

Along with your server support, you and your team will have access to our technical experts and Support Team so you can call or email whenever you have a question or require help with something.  This can be anything technical that you may need help with or want to discuss.  Or you may just have questions about something you’ve heard about and want to know more.