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Website development

A great website helps you stand out from the crowd and presents the best your business has to offer 

Your website is the place where new customers first ‘meet’ you. and is the space where existing customers will return often to seek your help and guidance.  

Your website creates a company image, long before you have had your first conversation with a potential customer. How well your website responds and how easy it is to find information on it will be a customer’s impression of how your business operates.  

Whether your business is a start-up or established business, and your need is a simple, single page or a complex eCommerce build, we will create a website that will help you stand out from the crowd and enable your business to grow. 

Specialising in Content Management Systems, bespoke systems integrations, complex e-Commerce Websites or ‘simply’ increasing integration of an existing website and current systems, we will tailor a solution to fit, whatever your website needs. 

why us

From the outset we ask the right questions to deliver a visitor attracting website that looks great, responds quickly, performs well, and provides a smooth user experience. 

All this is achieved by working with you to     

  • Understand what you need your website to deliver 
  • Understand how you want your brand to be displayed through your website 
  • Understand your customer journey in detail 
  • Help you define a content strategy framework that guides content creation 
  • Maximise SEO throughout the whole project 
  • Utilise the skills of our highly experienced website developers  
  • Offer the absolute best development solutions 
  • Stay focused on your audience and your business goals 
I am looking to revamp my current website – not build a new one!  

That is fine!  Gaining a detailed understanding of your current site is crucial. We will work with you to examine what is and is not working with your current site, understand your goals and advise you on where development is best focused to achieve your aims and budget.   For example, team will check for technical problems, examine why you are not getting the number of visitors desired or why those that are visiting are not your target audience. 

What is more important for a website – style or content? 

A website spotlights your strengths and places focus on what makes you the best partner choice in your field. But concentrating on style over substance or more accurately focusing on aesthetics over functionality is always a mistake. A beautifully designed website may impress visitors; however, their attention will soon be lost, or frustration will mount if the user experience and functionality is poor. 

If one of your key requirements is the need to integrate with your existing software or systems, you will already be aware that your website needs to do more than look good! 

Luckily, as IT specialists, we are as comfortable focusing on the creative design as we are on the practicalities of making it work seamlessly with your existing infrastructure. 

what else?

I do not understand SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) or how to achieve this? 

SEO is the process of improving your website to make it easy for people to find online and as a result can have a considerable impact on your bottom line.  

The better visibility your website pages have, the greater your chances of coming to the attention of new and existing customers ahead of your competition. 

We will walk you through SEO, ensuring it is built into every aspect from initial website planning, through to hosting and on to post launch updates  

My budget is a realistic one – can I achieve a beautiful website without design agency fees? 

Your website is a key element of your business which you are looking to facilitate repeat or new business for several years to come.  However, that said, we completely understand that your investment in developing your website needs to be proportionate to your expected return on investment and that it can be measured. We will work with you to recommend a solution that fits both your needs and your budget. 

Afterall, this is how we approach our own company website development, so why would our customers want to work any differently? 

How do you work? 

We concentrate on spending time understanding your business to enhance your users journeys, be it enabling your customers to get the essential information they need quickly or making the buying process effortless and one that builds trust with the customer. 

The design & build process follows business analysis and can follow strict client brand guidelines or create a whole new brand and online image.   We will make the process as simple as possible and will help guide you through the whole project lifecycle.  

How will my website work on a mobile? 

Questions like whether to make a website ‘mobile responsive’ or built for ‘mobile first’ is a primary design decision and the right answer will depend on your audience.  

We will work with you to understand your audience and provide guidance on this key question and the other similarly crucial design decisions that will have significant impact on your audience’s experience and the achievement of your business goals. 

Does it matter where my website is hosted?

 Every website needs a host – a digital home where your website content lives.  

The performance, responsiveness and reliability of that host is as vital as a well-designed website is. If your fantastic looking website is not always available or responsive, not only will potential customers be lost but search engines alerts will red flag your site, reducing your SEO ability. 

At Brash, we like to ensure we provide our clients with a complete service, so our experience and expertise ensures the most reliable and secure web hosting solution. 

What happens once my website is up and running? 

It is easy to assume that all the effort concludes at launch of your website. And for many web and creative design agencies who lack the IT expertise to tackle post go-live requirements, their involvement is indeed likely to end once the website is live. 

By comparison, we are a specialist development company with a team of IT specialists in fields such as website hosting, software integration, security, and IT support, meaning that we have the skills to apply appropriate importance to the ongoing support of your investment way beyond the launch of your website. 

Now I have a stunning website, how do I get people to find it? 

Our Digital Marketing Experts are on hand to help join up the advertising and marketing dots that will help bring your audience to your site. Use social media to attract your audience to your website, SEO to boost your rankings, and Google AdWords to ensure your ad features for keywords and increase traffic to your site. 

Our Brash Social division can get you up and running or drive through a multi-campaign strategy, including Facebook Ads.  Our Google AdWords specialists deliver our clients custom campaign design and management for a range of budgets with key analytics ensuring an excellent return on investment. 

How can I test new features without changes being made to my business-critical website? 

Staging or test websites environments are crucial for business critical, e-commerce sites or sites that include software integration. We build and test on staging environments and create test environments for real world scenarios to be thoroughly tested prior to going live. 

Who keeps my website up-to-date and secure? 

The huge increase in online fraud and cyber security threats means that a website that is not regularly updated and patched will soon lose the trust of potential customers. It is vital that this website support function is factored into your website budget. The value of good support from a team with the relevant technical skills should not be underestimated. 

Brash have a Dev Ops team that will monitor your website hosting environment for threats and will manage the patches and updates the environment requires to always keep it safe, secure and performing well, taking the stress of website management away from you.