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Website Hosting

A digital home for your website 

Every website needs a host – a digital home housed on a server.  Where this is, whether it is rented or brought and who manages your ‘property’ for you are as important questions as the arguably more fun questions about your website’s design.   

We offer website hosting packages that are designed to complement your website by analysing and understanding it’s use.  And because we recognise that each business has different needs for their website, we can help you evaluate your needs and recommend the correct hosting package for you. 

And while you are thinking about hosting, also remember you need a ‘SSL Certificate’ for your site.  A ‘SSL Certificate’ allows you to have the secure padlock against your website and will ensure it is available as a safe site through search engine results. 

In short, we can advise you about everything you will need to host your website and ensure that the way your website works is as dazzling as it looks. 

How we work

We can advise you on anything you need  

Website hosting can get complicated almost as soon as you start researching what is available. Storage space, traffic, number of visits and databases, just to name a few. 

We will help navigate you through these matters to  

  • Understand which website hosting package is right for you. E.g., do you just need some space to put your website on or do you need more than that? 
  • Identify if extra security precautions are needed for you to take payments or to have a website login feature 
  • Provide access to the right server resources to keep your website loading quickly and reliably, achieving a greater than 99.9% availability 
  • Have the necessary updates run on your website to always keep it up to date and secure 
  • Agree how we will seamlessly work with your existing web development team (or we offer this service as well) 
  • Set-up your SSL certificate to identify yours as a safe website 

what else?

Do I need hosting from an IT company or web designer? 


Often a web designer is not interested in the hosting and management of a website.  They usually just require the right access and are happy to let somebody else do the hosting and managing.    

By choosing to place your website hosting with us, you will have access to a skilled and experienced support team who are ready to help and who are at the end of the telephone for you whenever you need to talk to someone. 


What if I need additional support for my website in the future beyond the website hosting? 


Should you require support for your website beyond the website hosting, you can be assured that we will be able to support you.   

We are a specialist IT company and so asides from our team of website hosting experts, we also proudly boast a team of IT professionals with a full range of complementary skills in fields such as website development, software integration, security and IT support.  This means that should you require it; we can provide you with the skills and experience for the ongoing support of your website, way beyond your website’s design and launch. 



Who is managing the backups of your website?  It’s too easy to not think about backups, until a problem happens, but by then, it’s too late. 

The sad reality is that a website can easily be hacked as it is available on the public internet and all businesses, whether big or small are equally vulnerable to attack.  But having a backup solution in place will ensure you can protect your business from data loss in the event of a problem.  

Through our website hosting support, we will work with you to devise, implement and manage an appropriate website backup solution which will ensure that should there be any issues, your website can be easily ‘rolled back’, as well as giving you great peace of mind. 

Who keeps my website up-to-date and secure? 

The huge increase in online fraud and cyber security threats means that a website that is not regularly updated and patched will soon lose the trust of potential customers.  

It is vital that this website support function is factored into your website budget.  The value provided by good support from a team with the right technical skills should not be underestimated. 

Our Dev Ops team will monitor your website hosting environment for threats and will manage the patches and updates the environment requires to always keep it safe, secure and performing well, taking the stress of website management away from you.