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Office 365 Advanced Email Protection

52% of clicks occur within one hour of the message being delivered. Within one minute of delivery, more than 11% of recipients have already clicked on a malicious URL

Because of its dominant share of the cloud email market, Office 365 is an irresistible target for cybercriminals. With just a single email attack, by sending Spam or Phishing emails, they can penetrate the entire Office 365 suite along with other corporate systems and data, wreaking significant financial, operational and reputational damage. 

There’s a common misconception amongst businesses that Microsoft’s incorporated Office 365 security tools are enough to block the majority of email attacks. However, this is not the case.  Microsofts investment and expertise cannot match a specialised solution that is constantly updated, evolving and uses AI to block emails that Microsoft are yet to become aware of. 


Evade costly security breaches and enhance your Office 365 with the most advanced email protection solution 

Works in the background with seamless notification

Protect against all variations of Phishing attempts

Attached documents and URL links are also inspected for malware

One-click safe unsubscribe from unwanted communication

Continue using the familiar Outlook interface, no separate quarantine required


Microsoft Office 365 Business and Enterprise include a built in Exchange Online Protection 

Why do I need another Email Security solution if Microsoft are already protecting my mailbox? 

Advanced Email Security for Office 365 is not just a glorified spam filter.  

While the Microsoft Solution protects against known threats, it will miss unknown zero-day threats like one-off spear phishing attempts. Our Advanced Protection solution blocks those attacks by using its global intelligence and machine learning algorithms to predict patterns of new and emerging threats. It bolts itself onto EOP to bolster email security without affecting the customer experience. 

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