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Office 365 secure email Backup

75% of data is lost via deliberate or accidental deletion

Emails.  We all use them, whether it is for speaking to colleagues, communicating with suppliers, doing your invoices, the options are endless, and we all know losing emails can be one of the most frustrating things.  

Many people rely on their email platform for saving critical information that they not only want to keep, but legally should keep.  

When emails get deleted, most times accidentally but sometimes but sometimes intentionally, Microsoft only keep them for a 14-day retention period. Often the loss is not spotted within this period, and so the email is not recoverable. 

Office 365 provides redundancy, but that only ensures the availability of the present state of the data. It does not back up the data to protect against data loss events. 


Unlimited Email backup to Cloud for 1 year

Helps with meeting compliance and litigation requirements

Data recovery of deleted emails

All data is backed up with encryption in transit and at rest

Anything else?

The Office 365 secure backup solution runs in the Cloud and involves no software install or rollout. Quickly configured behind the scenes the backup runs daily to the Cloud. With the efficient automation, your important emails are saved and protected against loss or corruption for 1 year, giving you time to notice of any problems. 

This service is especially useful to protect against staff members who are maybe planning to leave and purposely delete important emails prior to handing in their resignation

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