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Secure web access

60% of employees work from home at least once per month

Using the internet can result in devices and networks being breached. Having a mobile workforce can increase this risk. 

A Firewall protects you against this risk whether you are working in or away from the office. It is important to protect every device that could act as a door into your business data or network. 

Secure web access protects web-enabled devices against infections and security breaches. Assisting the enforcement of corporate web browsing policies. In addition, it also significantly reduces the operational costs and risks of protecting users against advanced malware threats, spear phishing, and other sophisticated attacks. It does this by intercepting and tackling threats before they infect the user and your network. This is especially useful when a Firewall is not present or for home users. 

Internet web security and web usage need to be addressed separately from your endpoint protection, because it’s unrealistic to expect your last line of defence, your endpoint security, to be 100% effective against all types of web threat. 

Our Secure Web Access also allows businesses to prevent access to certain categories of websites, like blocking Gambling websites and helps compliment HR policies.


Blocks access to malicious websites. Stops nearly 90% of threats before they get to the network

Protects against dangerous DNS redirects that Anti Virus cannot deal with

Enforce web policies to control access to categories of websites

Full visibility and reports on the threats that have been blocked

what results to expect

Webroot DNS Protection offers significant security, visibility, and access control benefits, including: 

  • Full network visibility – With complete insight into the connection requests being made and by whom, admins can make better-informed access policy decisions. 
  • Fewer infections – By reducing the number of requests to malicious and suspicious internet locations, you drastically reduce the number of infections and resulting cost of remediation. 
  • Granular and enforceable access policies – Take control of productivity, employer’s duty of care, HR and compliance requirements and more with advanced, customizable policy controls by individual, group, or IP address. 
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