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spoof email training

Training in how to detect a phishy email

Spoof Email training is an education process that teaches employees about cybersecurity, IT best practices, and even regulatory compliance. A comprehensive security awareness program for employees should train them on a variety of IT, security, and other business-related topics. These may include how to avoid phishing and other types of social engineering cyberattacks, spot potential malware behaviours, report possible security threats, follow company IT policies and best practices

how it works

Create 4 varying spoof emails appropriate to your company

Emails are sent out over 2 week period

Provide results, statistics and bullet point information on how each email was interacted with

Repeat 3 months later with another 4 carefully crafted spoof emails

Provide further guidance if required

What Else?


A Quick Overview

Spoof Emails are a campaign we will run for your company. We copy the style of the latest phishing emails, replicate them and send them out to your users in a controlled way. Instead of the links going to something dangerous, we can take them to safe spoof pages or set friendly warning pages.  We then monitor and report on how users interact with these potentially dangerous emails. We repeat the campaign three months later to compare and review the results.

What is Phishing?

Phishing is a type of online scam where criminals send an email that appears to be from a legitimate company asking you to provide sensitive information or to click on a malicious link.   Employees can easily miss something where there is only a small change that isn’t always immediately obvious. Companies and individuals are often targeted by cyber criminals via emails designed to look like they came from source. 

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