Android MObile App

We began mobile application development a decade ago. Initially, we used Java for platform-native applications and experimented with universal, multi-platform tools.

We prefer Kotlin, particularly when tight handset integration is necessary. We quickly realized that native platform development was optimal for high-end projects.

For projects of medium complexity, we utilize Flutter and ReactNative. As we continue to innovate, we remain open to exploring new tools and technologies that enhance our development process.


We favour Kotlin and complement this with numerous useful tools

Kotlin language provides time efficiencies in coding

Android infrastructures RxKotlin, Room, Retrofit and IOC frameworks

Kotlin software translate directly into development time productivity.

Client Android Development

We use the Android + Kotlin combination provided the perfect solution for our work to develop a health data exchange platform prototype.

To complete the project, a wide spectrum of technological knowledge was required owing to the sensitive nature of personal data being handled. Additionally, to achieve messaging system efficiencies, we connected Android, iOS and server back-end platforms. 

The project is regarded by all involved – both customers and our team involved at Berkhamsted, Herts and our Budapest, Hungary teams – to be a huge success!

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