When a rich content website is needed then we turn to DotNetNuke (DNN). DNN is an open source modular content management system written in ASP.NET. It is designed to be adaptable to various types of businesses by using modules.) or by creating modules to meet business requirements through .NET Web application projects, creation of dynamic modules using Web site projects or by using the Razor modules.


Web pages have skins which define regions of a page and pages and modules can inherit or can have custom access permissions

DNN provides a basic framework for user management, social media integration, content management, site administration, module management

It’s functionality can be extended through modules obtained from the DNN Store

Client DotNetNuke Development

The Development Team has expertly crafted custom DNN modules. These modules serve to highlight the marble, granite, and additional stone products. They are featured on the product information website of our client, The Marble & Granite Centre Ltd. This company stands as one of the UK’s premier marble suppliers.

For this endeavour, the team employed both Bootstrap and Foundation 5. These frameworks were instrumental in establishing a distinct style for the web pages. Moreover, a scheduler task has been implemented. It ensures consistent stock updates, maintaining current information throughout the website. Additionally, the solution includes pages that facilitate user engagement. End users can effortlessly navigate, filter the product assortment, and access comprehensive product details.