Apple iOS App Developers

A few years ago, Apple introduced Swift. The Development Team saw an opportunity. The new language had a smaller learning curve. This made iOS development easier. Customers started to request more mobile extensions. Since 2018, we’ve been delivering Apps using Swift.

We’ve worked on projects with Phonegap and Xamarin. After that, we chose native development for complex applications. Flutter and ReactNative are our tools of choice. We use them when clients prefer cross-platform solutions.

our expertise

Using the quickly changing Swift language and new programming paradigms

ReSwift, the unidirectional data flow architecture and RxSwift's reactive programmin

Using the latest SwiftUI design language/tool

Apple’s own reactive approach, Combine.

We use Flutter and ReactNative for cross-platform solutions

Client iOS Development

Our first Swift project we built an app to enabled used car buyers to compare the reliability and maintenance costs of their chosen models. The backend was implemented in Google’s Firebase system. For another client we used Swift to build an app for a design and merchandising company provide a task scheduling system with separate functionality for iPhones and iPads. The development was so successful and become so quickly embedded in our customer’s processes that they asked us to begin work immediately on a new database to complement the first one.

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