Our Java Team in Budapest, Hungary has been working with Java for over 22 years.  We built our mission critical solutions in java for reasons of speed of performance and  data security in FinTech solutions.  We like the main principles  of Java which is to create a simple OOP language similar to C/C++, a robust platform using machine independent bytecode and implicit memory management to make it secure and easy to use. The real value of this platform is in its ecosystem and the numbers of available libraries, from the low-level operations (IO and thread management) to high level complex solutions (messaging, data management, system integration).


We use Java in many of our projects both in desktop and server-side applications as it helps us to achieve project goals quickly

We use Java in high performance solutions for our clients such as in digital rights management and real-time logistics.

Both the language and the Java Runtime are constantly evolving by implementing new programming

We love using Java derivative Kotlin for rapid build projects, lightweight back ends and mobile.

Client Java Development

One of the many solutions we have built on Java technology is Global Bank’s Premier Banking Rewards programme. The platform provides access to special offers and sponsored events. The Premier customer base exceeds one million, all of whom can access these offers via both website and native mobile application. Also, we’ve used it for a very mission critical solution for the Hungarian Gas Pipeline. 

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