We prefer Magento 2 for robust eCommerce solutions. Roughly 25% of businesses reportedly choose Magento software for their online retail needs.

Our clients appreciate Magento’s popular, feature-rich platform. It gives control over an eCommerce store’s appearance, content, and functionality. Its intuitive interface, impressive catalogue, and effective marketing tools contribute to a powerful online presence.

Beyond these features, Magento 2 also excels in terms of scalability and customization. It can effortlessly handle the growing needs of businesses, making it a future-proof solution. The platform’s extensive customization options ensure that every eCommerce store can be unique and tailored to the specific needs of the business.


Strong at Multi-currency & Multi-lingual

Multi-location & B2B solutions

The easy-to-use reporting tools provides insights on selling, customer behaviour and efficiency

Integration to Android and iOS app total solutions

We have wealth of experience over 20 years in order management solutions

Magento Client Development

We supported the development of an order pay app desktop, iOS and Android for a major hotel chain for an informal dining concept. This project included features such as promotions, pricing, search engine optimisation, content management, catalogue management, checkout, payments, business intelligence, shipping, inventory and order management, customer service, loyalty, customer accounts, global sites, security, and performance.