.Net core

We create cross-platform, high-performance frameworks for web applications and deploy these solutions to the cloud usually Azure. Hosting is done using ASP.NET Core, enabling the creation of REST based endpoints. Popular frameworks such as Angular, React, or Vue are utilised when a RESTful backend is required.

.NET Core 3.0 is used for developing desktop applications using Windows Forms or Windows Presentation Foundations. Database operations are supported by using Object related mapping technology, specifically the entity framework. This technology simplifies data manipulation, making it easier to perform CRUD operations and manage database connections.


The development team now mostly develop new applications in .Net Core

We use the most popular languages C#, Visual Basic, and F#.

We design .NET solutions to easily run in a Docker container

For improved deployment and scaling we use Kubernetes and AKS

User Interfaces using React, ReactNative, Angular & Xamarin

Client .Net Core Development

In a recent project we were asked to support a quoting system for eProcurement company simplify the way in which they buy and sell.

The solution the team developed is to have a REST based endpoint that is on .NET Core, using Angular in the frontend and extending a popular ASP.NET Core based E-Commerce system called NopCommerce. The application uses an Entity Framework to handle database operations. To support Single Sign On, we use IdentityServer4 as an Identity Provider.

This robust architecture ensures scalability and high performance. The use of Angular in the frontend facilitates dynamic and responsive user interfaces, enhancing user experience.