We opt for PHP-built frameworks or solutions. PHP, a popular scripting language, excels in web development. It’s fast, flexible, and caters to both small blog engines and large-scale applications like Facebook.

We utilize various PHP-based products to meet diverse business needs. WordPress and Drupal serve for blogging and content, while WooCommerce & Magento handle eCommerce. Mautic aids in marketing automation. Our work involves Laravel, Symfony, and Zend.

Each of these PHP-based products offers unique features and benefits. WordPress and Drupal provide user-friendly interfaces for content management. WooCommerce and Magento offer comprehensive tools for online store management. Mautic delivers effective solutions for marketing automation. Laravel, Symfony, and Zend are powerful frameworks that enable us to build customized web applications.

our expertise

5 years’ experience working with PHP

Symfony, Laravel & Zend

CMS: Drupal & WordPress

eCommerce: Magento & WooCommerce

Marketing Automation & Customer Lifecycle Management: Mautic

Client PHP Project

A major financial services organisation & iconic brand has current account & credit card lets users take control of your money with handy features such as savings wallets and customised alerts. With their debit or credit card, customers can get money back when they shop with selected partners.

The Development Team solution provides a customer lifecycle management solution which is built on top of a Mautic framework, a marketing automation tool and to achieve the objectives of the project, we extended its capabilities to manage the custom lifecycle of the customers participating in the programme.