Ruby-on-Rails Developers

Our Ruby team brims with passion. They adore the object-oriented language that prioritizes simplicity, productivity, and developer happiness. Ruby on Rails, capitalizing on these attributes, offers an easy-to-use MVC framework. This framework accelerates the building of your web applications. Moreover, it supplies everything you need within a vast ecosystem you can trust.

Furthermore, RoR enables you to construct your prototype swiftly and launch your online business at the earliest. Numerous start-ups and large companies like Basecamp, GitHub, Shopify, and Airbnb have successfully adopted it. Additionally, it has inspired the creation of many frameworks in other languages, such as Laravel in PHP.

our expertise

5 years of experience working on Ruby and Ruby on Rails projects

Completed many applications for customers as well as for our own corporate usage

Used flexibly, to build either a full website or for REST API only

We also use Redux, React & React native with Ruby

Client Ruby/Ruby-on-Rails Development

We worked with our partner, a major UK performance improvement company, to build a Partner Programme platform for a major international FMCG group with a range of leading brands.

The platform gives retailers opportunity to earn points for achieving the objectives the Client sets, which can then be exchanged for Personal or Business Rewards. The objectives are designed to move the retailer’s business forward, enabling them to attract and retain customers. The infrastructure links to a retailer mobile app. We helped with the visioning of the next generation mobile solution.