ReACT and React Native Developers

React, a popular front-end framework, excels in handling complex solutions. Using React Native, developers can build native Android and iOS applications. This popular JavaScript frontend framework simplifies the creation of complex UI components. These components render as native UI elements on both platforms, resulting in a solution closely resembling a native application.

Moreover, developers can share code across different platforms. This capability accelerates development and cuts costs. With the Expo framework, rapid development and release of prototypes become possible.

React’s versatility doesn’t stop there. It also offers a component-based architecture. This architecture promotes code reusability and makes the code easier to manage. Furthermore, React’s virtual DOM optimizes rendering and improves app performance. Lastly, the strong community support for React ensures that developers have access to a wealth of resources and solutions.


Provide high levels of application stability

Ease of maintenance

Using the best-known JavaScript libraries

Redux and RxJS

Even using ReactNative for progressive desktop application

Client ReactNative App Development

The food safety app and infrastructure enables the management of safety checklists for each area of a restaurant’s kitchen. Mirroring the original paper-based process, the App enables users to track their checking transactions using tablets to record date, time and signature (monogram or name). We engaged the client on the user experience and navigation, and validated the client’s functional specification.

A phased development delivery was agreed with the customer as the best approach for this project with the first phase of development providing a release of the application on the iOS platform to support iPads and subsequent phases to deliver the application availability for iPhones and the Android platform as well.