Project summary

Waste2 Email Migration

Waste 2 run an exciting food recycling business in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire.  We were engaged to provide IT Support based on an in-depth proposal provided free of charge. It was quickly identified that their email system was not enterprise ready and was providing a great deal of challenges to them, not least the limited mailbox space that meant each member of staff had to spend time at the end of every week permanently deleting nearly all their emails.  The system provided a limited service using old technology, and did not allow for calendar sharing or collaboration. To add to the complexity of dealing with an older system, they use a .com domain which has the challenge that updates made to it can take between 4 hours and 7 days, so very careful monitoring is needed. 

Projects highlights

Fit for Purpose Email System

They now have 25x bigger mailbox storage, and the need to spend time deleting emails is no longer required (although it is good practice to keep any mailbox tidy!). They can see each others calendar and movements, they share data through the same logon and have a enriched experience on mobile apps and webmail.

The right tools in place

Now, as the business grows, they already have a very scalable and easy to run email system that will meet their needs for any number of staff. It will allow them to achieve, as well as staff working efficiently in different locations.

Early migration

The migration was done in an early stage of the businesses growth, meaning their were less mailboxes and a smaller impact during the changes. It proves that If you get the right systems early, you can save a lot of time and money, and have the tools already in place to expand your business.

The Brief

  • Migrate emails to the right service 
  • Setup users in a new way of working, with calendar access and easier data sharing 
  • Keep users in different locations informed of the plan and timeline 

KEY Outcomes

  • Better email system, lots more space, easier to configure, manage and higher availability. 
  • Provided an enterprise level, market leading email system 

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