Abbots Care

Project summary

Abbots Care

The main objective was to improve communication, knowledge share and social activity among the employees at Abbots Care. To achieve this, they were looking for a mobile application-based solution to provide a channel for those activities and enhance company loyalty and engagement. They were also prepared to recognise and reward useful advice, best practices, and long-term services by assigning vouchers to members in exchange for their contributions.

Project summary

Heroku Mobile platform

Highly flexible and scalable mobile platform ensures a fully secure managed solution is provided to the client.

Mobile first solution

Proof of concept app delivered through AppStore with intuitive user experience, offering portability and picture perfect high resolution screens

Reporting Dashboard via Web Interface

Web admin suite providing managers with an overview of cases from each user


  • Have a central hub where users can express how they are feeling on a daily basis and provide advice, praise and feedback
  • Provide greater oversight of operations for owners and operators 
  • Motivate users with rewards for different levels of hard work 
  • Improve communication for all users and managers around the business 
  • Make work life easier for the users


  • Mobile application available on both Apple AppStore and Android Google Store
  • Intuitive and user-friendly app to be used by staff to record wellbeing and provide advice and feedback to others
  • Give users live access to company updates  
  • Notification of new posts 
  • Ability for managers to reward staff for good work 
  • Reporting dashboard for managers to monitor all posts made by users and to reward staff

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