The Marble and Granite Centre

Project summary

The Marble and Granite Centre

The Marble and Granite Centre in Rickmansworth is the leading supplier of natural stone products in the UK.  Brash were initially engaged to undertake a needs and business analysis and write the specification for a new website.

Following a tender process, Brash were commissioned to build a website that was integrated with some third party software, a secure customer portal, social media feeds and a live chat function.

The website needed not only to promote the company but also to provide a hub of information for both their direct customers and end users enabling them to view and enquire about stock.

We worked closely with the Managing Director and Marketing team to build a site that improved not only functionality and responsive for their clients but one that is also fully compatible with their stock control systems leading to increased efficiency across the company., 



Search Functionality

A new search function not only allows clients to search with design in mind via colour and type of finish; but also provides the fabricators with all the necessary technical information such as thickness, type and size. This allows the company to provide a better service all the way through the supply chain

Real-time Stock Control

Direct customers are now supplied with secure access to international stock information allowing them to view all available stock instantly. Prior to the development of the new website, this information would have taken up to 24 hours to provide.

Website Responsiveness

A key element of the website is its responsiveness. Over 25% of their customers now view the website on tablets or mobile devices so it was important that the website was as user friendly to these users as desktop users. The ‘bounce rate’ for these devices has now reduced by 20%

The Brief

Create a website that:

    • Delivers an enhanced search and contact experience.
    • Gives users access to live stock data.
    • Integrates with 3rd party software, a customer portal, social media and live chat.
    • Is responsive.

KEY Outcomes

  • Bounce-rates reduced by 20%
  • Relationships strengthened across the entire supply chain
  • Users able to search for stock by colour, type of finish and size.
  • Customers able to access live stock information – reducing sales cycle by 24 hours.

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