CFS – Hubl

Project summary


When CFS came to Brash they knew exactly what they wanted – to build a high-quality app to revolutionise the way the hospitality industry logs food safety and health and safety checks. An additional benefit is the reduction in paper, ink consumables and storage and such aligns with the Brash intent to cut waste, increase efficiency and save money whilst making a positive impact environmentally and socially. 

The Hubl app was developed for iPadOS from a great set of wireframe designs provided by the client. It is always so nice when a partner has a really strong conceptual idea but even better when the client has thought through the product from start to finish, as in this case. This does not stop the Brash team of developers and business analysts from challenging the client on assumptions and design ideas. This approach certainly worked well with Hubl and the product is in the hands of hospitality businesses across the UK from single site cafes to restaurant chains.

CFS are based in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire.

More details about the App can be found on their website

Project summary

Google Firebase Mobile platform

Highly flexible and scalable mobile platform ensures a fully secure managed solution is provided to the client.

iPad first tablet solution

Proof of concept app delivered through AppStore with intuitive user experience, offering portability and picture perfect high resolution screens

Reporting Dashboard via Web Interface

Web admin suite providing area managers with an overview of cases across multi-site restaurant chains


  • Empower teams with the knowledge to better manage safety and daily operations 
  • Provide greater oversight of operations for owners and operators 
  • Reduce the cost of due diligence 
  • Make food safety and hospitality operations more sustainable and better for the environment 
  • Make work life easier for the users


  • iPadOS app for iPad and iPad Mini 
  • Intuitive and user-friendly app to be used by hospitality staff to record food safety and health & safety checks 
  • Give users live access to check status  
  • Notification of failed checks 
  • Ability for users to resolve issues 
  • Reporting dashboard for managers to monitor all sites across regional or national restaurant chain 

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